A household must meet 4 eligibility criteria to receive assistance under the Wyoming Emergency Housing Assistance Program (WEHAP). They are:

  1. The members of the household must live in the state of Wyoming and be seeking housing assistance for a 1-unit single family home or apartment unit that is the primary residence.
  2. The household must have suffered a financial hardship due to COVID-19 and lack sufficient income or resources to pay rent, a mortgage payment, a security deposit or hazard insurance payment due on or after April 1, 2020.
  3. Households who receive other rental assistance, such as a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), Project-Based Rental Assistance (RD/USDA Voucher), Emergency Solutions Grant or other similar federal or state rental assistance that is paid to a landlord on the household’s behalf, are not eligible for WEHAP.
  4. Monthly gross household income must be equal to or less than $20,833.00.       


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Before you begin, please note that you will need to gather or take cell phone photos of the following documents for file upload (acceptable file types include doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, and png).  Alternatively, copies of the documents may be mailed to WCDA for approval.
Income documentation from each member of the household for the following income sources (where applicable):

  • Federal stimulus or Economic Impact Payments do not count toward your income for this application. 
  • Pay stub(s) documenting wage earnings for the month in which assistance is needed;
  • Social Security Statement;
  • Pension/Retirement Statement;
  • Public Assistance Statement;
  • Unemployment Benefit Statement;
  • Self-Employment Income, including current month business bank statement(s), current and month-to-date profit/loss statement; and/or
  • Other Income documentation.

 Expense documentation:

  • Current executed lease agreement (renters only);
  • Monthly mortgage statement (homeowners only); and/or
  • Hazard insurance bill or statement, if not included in monthly mortgage payment (homeowners only).


The Wyoming Emergency Housing Assistance Program (WEHAP) serves eligible Wyoming residents, who, because of the COVID-19 emergency or the response to that emergency, have suffered substantial financial hardship and now lack sufficient income or resources to pay housing costs.

  • Program recipients are eligible to receive emergency rent or mortgage payment assistance up to $3,000, with subsequent month(s) of assistance contingent upon completion of a monthly Request for Continued Assistance form attesting to the need for on-going assistance, and subject to available funding. 
  • Rent or mortgage payment arrears due prior to April 1, 2020 are not eligible. Reimbursement of previously paid rents or mortgage payments are not eligible. If you have paid rents or mortgage payments, your request is not eligible. 
  • Initial payments may include more than one month’s assistance in cases where the eligible household can demonstrate arrearages for months prior to the application, and a continuing COVID-19 related financial hardship impacting their ability to pay (or pay in full) their rent or mortgage payment. (For example, a renter applying in June may request assistance for April, May and June.)
  • Wyoming Emergency Housing Assistance Program (WEHAP) will pay the difference between 10% of the household’s current gross monthly income and their eligible housing assistance costs (monthly rent or mortgage payment plus monthly hazard insurance if applicable and not paid directly by mortgage servicer), up to $3,000/month. A housing assistance calculator is available on our webpage at: https://wyomingcda.com.
  • Unpaid security deposits corresponding with initial lease agreements effective April 1, 2020 or later are eligible.
  • Payments are made directly to landlord/property owners or mortgage servicers.



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  WEHAP Printable Application Form

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 Mortgage Verification Form

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  W-9 Form

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